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Discussion in 'Expert Services (3rd part paid services)' started by Saitx, Sep 17, 2010.

  1. Saitx

    Saitx AdvExt64 Customers (IL)

    Heya everyone,

    I have decided to offer L2 Off scripting services on my free time . Which i have been already doing for last few years on various servers.

    Contact if you are :
    - Just starting your server and you want to get it designed and fully live.
    - Have a advext64 or willing to get it. (its the best l2off/protection out there and i would definetly suggest you have Fred at your side. )
    - If you dont want have bugs in your server and wanna get rid of them.
    - If you wanna add a new area , set of weapons , or other custom stuff.
    - Basicly if you are having trouble anything related to your L2 off server.

    -Payments will be done through Western union or Paypal (depeds on amount ) in advance.
    -Prices depend on the work amount required.

    Contact info email / msn : saitx2005@gmail.com [English][Turkish] [beginner German]

    Loest Forum Pm [Portuguese] gtalk/msn: felipeloest@gmail.com
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  2. Fr3DBr

    Fr3DBr Guest

    You can trust this guy, good scripter and honest. ;)
  3. Xavier

    Xavier AdvExt64 Customers (IL)

    i am interested... but can contact only via ICQ

  4. Saitx

    Saitx AdvExt64 Customers (IL)

    Pm me your icq number i may contact you there.
  5. Nish

    Nish AdvExt64 Customers (IL)

    hope its not as bad scripting as l2loyal had lol
  6. Saitx

    Saitx AdvExt64 Customers (IL)

    Thats as good as it gets :) you wish you had em , i know i know .
  7. demo

    demo New Member

    Confirming that Sait is thrustworthy, bought my extender key with em a while ago.

    Thumbs up
  8. loest

    loest New Member

    if you need some one from brazil to help you out, you can contact me, i may not be as good as Saitx, but i know i can handle your ideas.

    se estiver precidando de alguem pra customizar seu server pode fala comigo, fasso isso ja tem uns 2 anos ^^, qualquer coisa manda mensagem aki pelo forum mesmo.
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  9. Saitx

    Saitx AdvExt64 Customers (IL)

    Send your contact info also , i ll put it on first post.
  10. loest

    loest New Member

  11. Oreo

    Oreo AdvExt64 Customers (GF/GE/HF)

    Pay for scripting an l2 server? People do such a thing?
  12. Fr3DBr

    Fr3DBr Guest

    Yes they do, since most doesn't wanna do stuff by theirselves anymore, so if there are people that can do it by paying, why not ? :D
  13. Saitx

    Saitx AdvExt64 Customers (IL)

    It's all scripting after you have a depmax/advext isnt it ? Once you have Fred on your side for extender needs. Scripter for creating the rest.

    [cough] greedy [/cough] oreo j/k