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About us

Opening a successful server - a complex process. Our work is making something difficult to be simple. We understand how it can be disappointing to invest in a project and get nothing. We know how it is not sleep for weeks, doing fixes, a huge number of bugs and listening to endless complaints from players. We know many stories when making the wrong choices cost people to lose money and time into their servers, losing in one day their entire online. Even having everything done right and gathering a big audience, people got exposed to DDoS from hackers and competitors, eventually failing their projects they put their time, money and soul.

Sleepless nights, frustrated players, irretrievably lost money, item cloning- all this can be avoided!

We are confident that our experience for more than 10 years and quality builds will ensure your success.

Why Us?

We will be your friend and partner on this path! Our experience will help you achieve your goals!

10 Years

Of experience developing the best builds and add-ons for L2


800 Servers

Successfully launched on our build

25000 Players

Daily online on the servers of our clients

Our products

Our servers builds are rigorously tested, reliable and protected. It a ready to install package. You do not have to spend months to debug the server and fix all the bugs. Our server build consists out of many configurations that will make your server stand out and unique. In addition, our support team is always ready to help and answer all your questions. We can also make your project ready for launch, we do all the technical details, and you create your business.

In addition, we have excellent partners, through which you can effectively deal with bots and various cheat programs, professional protection of the most powerful attacks, as well as an advertising campaign for the project.





Simple as Pie!

Opening a successful server is not too difficult, but also not very easy. Installing our server "out of the box", you'll get ready to use the server closest to official Lineage 2 configuration. You will only make the desired corrections in the configuration files and that is it - the server is ready for the players!

Of course, setup, preparation of the concept, web resources, and various additions will require some time and knowledge, but we are happy to help you here. We will guide you through this exciting process of learning your favorite game from a new point of view. We can take care of all the technical details to save your precious time and spend it more useful, for example attracting customers.

Working with us is Convenient

Professional support

We guarantee prompt advice and recommendations on all your questions, and our technical support promptly responds to your appeals.

Ready solution

Ordering L2 PTS package from AdvExt, you get a configured server with official settings and a set of tools for easy management.

Stable and secure build

Over the years of development, we have created many protection mechanisms that cover all known vulnerabilities and prevent new ones to affect your server.

Our Clients

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