Seasonal discounts! It's time to upgrade!

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    Dear clients and future server administrators!

    There is a middle of a summer so it a time to get yourself some new thing!
    We have prepared seasonal discounts for all groups of goods and services special for you.

    From July 1st to August 1st, there will be special offers for:

    up to -40% on extenders (unlimited)

    -20% on extenders (400 online)

    -20% on services
    • Software for work with AI
      • GF PTS Compiler - 115$ 92$ (new)
      • Full GF AdvExt Compiler - 175$ 140$ (new)
      • AI crypter - 175$ 140$ (new)

    -20% on web services

    -20% on features and addons

    -20% on updates and support

    • Discount applies to any type of support or updates, regardless of the chronicles;
    • More details you can find by clicking on this link.

    Please note, that discounts do not apply to protection systems, since This is not our product!

    AdvExt team wishes you a sunny summer and good openings! :)