HF update 10.09.13

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    at 10 September will be published new HF release with following change log:

    DLL Fixes
    - Fixed Chain Heal logic, now it works like it should, with correct percents for each target.
    - Trouble with /block command. When character blocked with /block command, his messages was visible in chat.
    - Now divine inspiration skill also gives buff slots for summons
    - Now untradable items will not show in buy-sell lists
    - Fixed hide bug . When skill is used mobs should loose target/agro and do not follow you, now it works correct.
    - Fixed hide bug. Now character cannot be get in target by multiclick
    - Fixed augmentation in jewelery
    - Fixed Item Broker showing time
    - Now will be visible breath line during swiming
    - Fixed debuff downtime depending of resist level(not more then 50%)
    - Fixed exploit with duels during sieges
    - Now max resist to cancel will be 75%
    - Fixed some algorithm in points delivering for 3x3 olympiad fights
    - Fixed EXP table for 79-85 lvl according with HF

    -Wondrous cubic reuse time should be reseted every day 6.30 am. new reuse delay type for skills: reuse_delay_type = D (that mean, skill reuse delay will be set up to nearest 6:30am)
    - Fixed birthday cake
    - Fixed quest A powerfull Primeval Creature
    - Now touch of life doesn't have 100% resist to cancel
    - Fixed level of Multiple Shot getting level
    - Big update of DV/LOA locations, Watchers tomb up to retail data
    - Fixed Shadow Step chance
    - Added animation to Arcane Shield
    - Deleted incorrect attribute values from some items.

    Don't forget to renew actual support payments to receive those release. With any details you can contact me
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